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Dressage, Leases, Sales


My passion for teaching is shown in my hour long sessions and attention to detail. If my students ever need anything, all they have to do is ask and I will do my best to oblige them. When paying for a lesson I believe clients should walk away feeling as if they received a positive and enlightening experience.


Please call for locations, lesson prices, and available times


Dressage: the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. The sport of Dressage is a highly competitive activity in which horse and rider must work as a harmonious pair to achieve the requested result.


 I have taught young beginner dressage enthusiasts through adult amateurs capable of competing though 2nd level and higher. I focus on educating my students in biomechanics and fluidity of rider and mount working together in unison.



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Purchases & Sales

Finding the perfect equine partner may be more challenging than you would think. When looking for that special horse I consider many aspects such as the client's riding ability and comfort level, breed, size, and capability of the horse to perform the required discipline, soundness, age, whether or not the client wants to re-sell and of course budget.


Whether you want a lifetime partner or a show horse to get you up the levels before moving on to another, I will find you what you need. 


If you are interested in the lease of a hunter or dressage horse, I am able to find one best suited to your level of comfort and riding abilty.  Most lease contracts are bound for a period of 1 year but all lease situations can be customized for the best possible outcome for both owner and leaser.


Lease prices are determined by the ability of the mount, the planned uses for the horse (shows, clinics, or just lessons), and type of lease (full or half). 


Currently I have horses available for lease.

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